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Design without strategy is like ideas without implementation. You’ll get the most from design when you have a plan of action. Let us help draw it up.

Small business owners have to wear many, many hats and as a result their time and attention spans are precious. You have all you need to succeed, but if you don’t know how to use what you have, you could be tripping yourself up before you really get going. Investing in putting your design assets to work across your channels frees up your mind for more important things, like, y’know, saving the world.

Be Expert Products

1-1 Consultations

TW Inked is all about empowering individuals so they can go change the world already. A 1-1 Consultation is an excellent way to find your focus and pick our brains.

Anti-Social Socials

Coming soon. Social Media for the anti-social are tailored monthly strategy sessions to help you use social media without falling down rabbit holes or feeding the trolls.


Coming soon. Physical and digital group workshops to help you find your Brand’s design mojo and keep it working hard for your business.

Design is content with intent. Content without intent is noise. Intent without content is decoration.


How it Helps

Design is a crucial part of any business, but it is an ongoing, living thing that needs your loving if it is to thrive. Once you have your Brand vision, design strategy for your marketing campaigns and social media channels can help you make the most of it.

Having a strategy saves you time, keeps your messaging clear and your image consistent. It will help your audience built rapport with you, which leads to trust and engaged communities that support your business and bigger values.

This package is perfect for you if…

  • You have a f*cking fantastic Brand and you can’t wait to make it work for you. You just aren’t too sure what to do first.
  • Your time is precious and although you get why you need to think more about design strategies, there aren’t enough hours in your workday. Or any other day for that matter.
  • You want to connect your design to your business and make sure you don’t have to rebrand again and again.

What it won’t do…

  • Design and Create a Brand. If you’re not quite at the Strategy implementation stage just yet, check out our Be Seen and Be Known product ranges first.
  • Convert all your followers single handedly. But having a plan to your design and content is a cracking way to up your conversions in the long run.
  • Solve world hunger, gender inequality and climate change. That’s for Alternative Businesses to work out, but we’re here to help you make a difference in whatever your chosen mission happens to be.