We believe Alternative Businesses can Save the World.

What’s the Deal?

  • Business is changing and small, grass roots companies now have the tools and resources to make a real difference. Like, save the world difference.
  • Women have more rights than ever (in recent history at least) but still less than men. Women are waking up to this, women are ready to be seen. (Behind every great man… not for much longer).*
  • Business is powered by more than just profit. We’re rebelling from the traditional set of business rules, we’re burning our ties and burning our bras. Community is our capital, flexibility is our finance. We’re stepping up and owning our lives by owning our business.
  • Unhappy with the 1%? Hit them where it hurts: redefine business.


TW Inked exists to celebrate the rebels, inspire small business owners and empower the next generation of business enterprises to make a real difference beyond the profit and loss sheet.

Old business models have fucked the world over, but new models fronted by Alternative Businesses have the power to make a difference ethically, environmentally and personally.

We exist to celebrate those rebels and provide the tools to change the world through design and business.


*Things are changing for the Dudes too, and although we think gender is becoming less and less relevant in favour of seeing humans over genitals, it can’t be denied that female fronted businesses have a whole world of challenges to overcome. We’re passionate about empowering people who make positive impacts through business, whatever is in their pants.