Five Podcast Recommendations for Indie Women

A Business podcast and many non-fiction audio books are a fantastic way to switch up your learning and absorb advice, motivation and lessons whilst on the go, on a run or even preparing dinner. That being said, we need to be careful we do still ensure down time happens. At the very least the way we consume podcasts leaves us feeling nourished and inspired : not panicked, overwhelmed and like we wasted our time.

Consuming Consciously

The feeling of listening to an inspiring mentor and really gleaning ideas and information is priceless. The feeling of spending 20 minutes of your precious time listening to a bad podcast, however, is fucking awful.

Here are some podcasts that have been worth the air time for me over the past few months. These are five podcasts that I find myself excited to see notifications from. These shows have me reaching for a notebook mid ragu making as inspiration takes hold.

Girl Boss Radio

I enjoyed Sophia Amoruso’s Girl Boss book as it felt simultaneously inspiring and a million miles away from where I am in my business journey.

The podcast has a similar sense of being a very different business journey from my own. However hearing these high flying women discuss seed funding, multiple start-ups, serious investments and politics always gives me a sense of pride and also awe. These are seriously high hitting people who share their insights in a very approachable way. I always come away fired up and filled with a sense of courage (and glamour) after an episode of Girl Boss Radio.

Grow With Soul

On quite the opposite end of the spectrum is Grow With Soul. This podcast is an exploration of organic marketing for creatives. It comes from Simple and Season (aka Kayte Ferris) who is based in the heart of Wales’s Snowdonia region.

Kayte is incredibly knowledgeable in all thing marketing. Furthermore, she presents her insights without the “make six figures in six minutes” phrases and other such high testosterone fuelled language that seems to be insidious in many business podcasts. This is an open and honest podcast that has heaps of information for those just starting out in their business ventures. Plus that instagram feed 🤤

One Girl Band

Whilst it can be inconsistant as to when this podcast appears in my feed, I am always so grateful when it does. Lola is wonderfully inspiring with her ever honest approach to the squiggly journey of freelance life. She is also incredibly vulnerable with her own learnings on balancing work, play and relationships with trying to carve your own path as a creative working for and by yourself.

Goal Digger

I used to struggle with how polished and professional Jenna Kutcher’s podcast, social channels and ‘life’ appeared to be. Then I got the fuck over myself, put my judgements aside and really listened. I used to be triggered by how successful she is. This is a pretty good indication that somewhere deep inside – I want this too.

The Goal Digger Podcast is my audio permission slip to say “fuck yeah” to being seen and reclaiming my dreams despite imposter syndrome and fear of being judged. It’s a must listen that I often absorb at the gym on a cardio hour. I don’t know if it’s the podcast or the endorphins, but I always leave smiling.

Reimagining Success with Anna Lundberg

Anna’s podcast talks about the importance of making sure your actions in business are done for the right reasons. With so much information, opinion and content available to us all the time, it can be hard to hear our own voice in the crowd.

Anna’s podcast gives you the tools and freedom to explore what success really means to you so that you can consciously take actions on building a business that is commercially successful, but also put your health and happiness at the centre. In a culture of hustle and burnout, this feels truly rebellious.

So there are a few ideas for podcasts to get you all fired up and inspired. I’d love to hear your suggestions too! What are you listening to and why? Hit me up in the comments below 👇🏼

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