Back to Basics: Branding

TW Inked offers a range of Branding Packages and resources for small businesses with an Alternative agenda, but what actually is a ‘Brand’ and do you need one?

Long answer short, yes you do. Here’s why.

Brand Beginnings

Coming from the old Norse for ‘burn’, branding originally referred to the marking of property (often living -eek!) to show ownership. The word has evolved a little since and now has a whole host of business and marketing connotations attached. The Oxford English Dictionary defines branding as:

A type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.


…which isn’t actually that helpful in our opinion. Time to go deeper than a simple Google.

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Untouchable Branding

As economies picked up with the baby boomer generation over the second half of the 20th century, branding became a means of defining not only a product and its owner, but also the values and purpose of that larger company.

A brand went from a simple description (“so and so is made by that brand”) to an:

“Intangible sum of a product’s attributes.”

David Ogilvy

This intangible nature is often what makes branding hard to grasp for small and large businesses. How can you package something you can’t hold? This question is especially relevant in today’s service-led digital industries too.

can't touch this gif branding
…story of the modern brand

Mixed Messages

Branding becomes tricky as it needs to be both consistent (using the same colours, images and language tone across all your channels) but also fluid (companies need to be dynamic and brands will evolve as you do). This is why it is important for businesses to root their branding in their core values. In most circumstances, no matter how things change, your business values and core ethos is unlikely to vary wildly.

Easy Ways to Nail Branding

It is SO important as an Alternative business that you clearly communicate your brand to potential clients and customers. Although a brand has become an external perception of your business and products, there are a few ways you can steer this perception in a positive direction.

  1. Be Consistent – use the same colour scheme, graphics style and icons across all your channels.
  2. Use Scripts – Make sure your copy all adds up. Writing some super baisc scripts to base your communications on will save you heaps of time and make everything seamless to your ideal customers eye.
  3. Create a Brand Bible – This is a go to document that you can refer to, or share with your team, to make sure everything you create stays on brand. Fun fact this is one of our most favourite things to do ever, so let us help.

We’ll be going into these in more detail in future posts but for now, stick to these golden rules and give your brand the foundations it needs to support your business now and in the future.

If you have any questions about building a Brand rooted in your companies values, or how to use it, book a Branding consultation with us here.

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