Alternative Businesses need Alternative Design

Why Alternative Businesses Need To Think About Design

Pop the kombucha, TW Inked is officially open and ready to help Alternative Businesses smash life with their design and marketing!

Let’s Get This Party Started

TW Inked is an Alternative Design studio dedicated to helping Alternative Businesses reach the right people, exceed their business goals and just generally make the world a better place.

We believe Alternative Businesses have the power to change the world and we are totally on board with that. Using Design, Branding and Marketing Strategy, TW Inked empowers rebellious business owners and their purpose.

But like, what are Alternative Businesses ?

So glad you asked. Just to be clear, you’re an Alternative Business if you…

Alternative Businesses Definition


Design can be a bit of a fluffy word. As small business owners you probably have a whole wardrobe of hats, most of which you wear all at once, so it is no wonder thinking about design just becomes another one of those things on the list. However, there are a few good reasons why Alternative Businesses need to think about Design more.

1. Good Design Makes Your Business an Icon

A strong brand identitystriking website and consistent presence on social media will help your ideal audience understand your values, build trust and ultimately become engaged with your brand online and in the real world. Sounds like a win-win-win to us.

2. Good Design Gives You Confidence

Loads of it. A strong design identity you adore will give you confidence in your business, both in front of potential customers and potential investors. No more hiding your awesomeness behind dodgy clipart!

3. Stand up and Stand Out

Design is non-negotiable for businesses who want to be taken seriously. Design which translates your values into a vision identity will aid all of your communication messages. So potential clients understand you in an instant.

If you’re feeling ready to turn your Alternative Business into a brand, take a look at what we’re up to at TW Inked here. You should also totally sign up to our snazzy upcoming newsletter, The Guestlist.

TW Inked is an Alternative Design Studio created by Terri Witherden. Using Design, Branding and Marketing Strategy to turn visions into visual storytelling, TW Inked empower small businesses to change the world one design at a time.

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