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What I’ve Learned Launching an Alternative Design Business

This month sees TW Inked officially launch. Huzzah!

TW Inked is a business idea that has been in my mind since studying with Creative Process in Brighton early 2018. I remember buying up the domain and nabbing the social profiles with nothing but a name in mind. 12 months later, the idea has been gestating and finally, it’s ready to hatch. Here’s what I’ve learned over this nesting period, and what to expect now the beast is loose!

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Alternative Design for Alternative Businesses

1)  When you think about something every day, it’s a keeper

Tw Inked started with my obsession with rock and roll. And skulls. And a ‘no fuckery’ attitude that I have always harboured but never known how to express and stay professional. Throughout the past 12 months as my freelance copywriting, graphic design and social strategy went from strength to strength, I pondered how to make these skills work with an alternative edge. I wanted to use my skills to celebrate life’s rebels, but couldn’t quite put it all together. 

2) Mentors. Get One.

Seriously, hiring a Business Mentor was both the most terrifying and liberating thing I have ever done. Handing over a chunk of fast dwindling savings on a future promise to myself that I will have a profitable business felt horrendous to the smaller parts of me. Yet as soon as I did it, I couldn’t stop smiling. Having the guidance, ideas and support of someone who has been there is INVALUABLE. I have no doubt that I would be a quivering wreck right now if I didn’t seek help three months ago. It is scary but people, if you believe in these crazy dreams of yours, it has to be done. 

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3) When you tap into yourself, you’re onto a winner

As I started to openly talk about my idea for an Alternative Design studio, I kept bumping into people who didn’t like it. But for the first time in my life I was ok with that.

A walking contradiction, I am both a rebel and a constant ‘good girl’. Part of me has always clamoured for external validation and bent my ideas, and dare I say greatness, to fit a mould that was always a little small. I hit the flow so many times when dreaming, drawing and designing for TW Inked that I began to slowly believe in it more than I believed in someone else’s approval of it.

Take that self doubt. Man shooting rock and troll from his hands.

Take that self doubt.

Then the people who did like it, who were ideal clients, who could truly benefit from having something like TW Inked available for their business, and who could even paystarted showing up. Magic.

4) Power metal and hair metal will never not get the job done.

Go get your hairspray and your backcomb, you’re gonna need it.

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So, safe to say I am excited about this venture and have put the foundations in place to give it its best shot. I know this is just the beginning and it will grow and evolve. That is fine by me. I’ll be sharing more about what TW Inked is as we head towards launch but for now go follow on Instagram here or sign up to The Guestlist for first dibs on the good stuff.

Any questions? Let me know, I can talk about this all day. And that gang, can only be a good thing.

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