2019 Design Trends

We all love New Year. It is all fresh starts and rarr rarr energy and all those fuck ups from last year officially no longer belong to you. Head in the punch at NYE? That was the old you. And those design trends from 2018? GONE! (well, not really, we still love quite a few of them…)

Upcoming Designs Trends

It is also time to start looking ahead to what is coming our way in the the world of design trends. You may have seen a few already but these are my favourites and I can’t wait to start using them!


Pantone’s colour of the year for 2019 is Living Coral, which feels fresh and bright after 2018’s otherworldly “Ultra Violet’.

This bright pop of colour will likely lead the way for vibrant, tropical inspired colour palettes to steal the show as 2019 gets underway. Other colour design trends to keep an eye out for include dreamscape colour themes and the use of gradients. Think the psychedelic 60s, but more refined.

The Previous Pantone Colours of the year are far from outdated, just expect to see a lot of Coral colour palettes on your radars soon

Cat over at Gatto has an amazing guide to 2019s colour trends, have a look here.

Draw the Line

I am a big fan of minimal elements in design, swooning over white space and simple lines that say more than their over complicated counterparts. So I was pretty thrilled to read that a some of the key design trends for 2019 involved minimalist graphics and letter merging.

Another design trend to keep an eye out for is floating elements. This ties in nicely with the move towards open composition I will mention towards the end of this article. There is a real sense of ‘breaking free’ in this years trends and this sings to the rebel (and Freddie Mercury) in all of us.

Metallica returns

I bloody love using metallic textures in design. They simultaneously add character and professionalism and make it easy to suggest values such as “abundance” or “intergalactic”.

So hip hip hooray for the return of metallic tendencies for 2019 design trends! Whilst metallic silver has been on the radar for a while, it is predicted that more multicoloured and irredecent metallics will start appearing on packaging across the market. Sunglasses ready, it is going to be shiny.

Nice and Shiny

Be Free – Open Composition

2019 is the year of rule breaking and mind expansion, or at least that is what is happening when it comes to composition in design. Open composition encourages viewers to, quite literally, think outside the box and makes them wonder “what else is there?” making more design that is both captivating and engaging.

These guys show how it is done.

You can tap into this trend by simply showing only a part of the whole within the borders of the design, encouraging viewers to use their imagination to fill in the gaps. This means it can be used for both digital and print designs too. Winning.

What are your key design trends for 2019? Do you have any that you hate? Let us know in the comments below!

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