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Typography Basics 101

A picture paints 1000 words, but get the typography basics of a piece correct and your words will say just as much. 

Typography is the art of technique of displaying words or text in a readable, digestible and appealing way. Get the typography basics right and your messages will be elevated. Get them wrong and you may be saying something completely different from the word meaning itself. 

For example: 

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Font vs Typeface

A font is a collection of glyphs (characters, numbers and punctuation). A typeface is a collection of fonts that share similar attributes, but vary in size and weight.

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Font Classifications

So there are billions of fonts out there, but they can be generally grouped into three classifications. Serif. Sans Serif and Script. Fonts can also be extremely Decorative

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Using Fonts Correctly

The best way to get to grips with typography basics is to practice. The more familiar you become with fonts, typefaces and font connotations, the easier you will find it to navigate which font will work best for you client’s purpose. 

Starting with the basics is great. Then you can also find and experiment with free fonts from websites such as dafont, 1001 Free Fonts and Font Squirrel. You can also purchase fonts from sites such as Creative Market. This ensures you both have the license and rights to use the font, and also sends some well earned money into the designers pocket. We all win.

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