Moodboard: Oslo Design Faves

Norway is famous for it’s Scandi-style. I investigated with a 3 day trip to the capital Oslo to discover what inspiration the city had to offer.



Fonts and Geometry

Brand identities on my Oslo Moodboard include Babel , Hevn, Crow and Tunco, whilst the gorgeous wallpaper design inspiration comes from Stockfleths (top left) and Joe and the Juice (bottom image).

Angles and sharp, impactful fonts definitely tie my design picks together, as well as the monochrome (or at least very subdued) colour palettes. The green and gold triangle patterns from Stockfleth’s wall in the Nobel Peace Centre was my favourite colour pick. This is because it conveyed both nature and luxury at once. A balance I am always struggling to get right in my life.


Astrup Fearnley and Fredrik Værslev

I spent an afternoon in the Astrup Fearnley Museum checking out the Fredrik Værslev as I Imagine Him exhibition. Favourite pieces include the Canopy series (because I am a sucker for gradient lines) and Sail pieces.

Astrup Fearnley Entrance Hall

I also stumbled into a room with lots of Damien Hirst pieces (including that one of the cow) which was interesting, but I could have definitely been better prepared. That is a blog post for another time however…

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