Testing The Website

1.8 Back Up Website

Whilst building my website I continually backed it up by exporting with the WordPress platform. This sends the website to me via email and helps protect me from losing my work and provides a back up if I ever need it.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 14.32.15

2.6 IT Tools including preview buttons and spellcheck

To make sure the site is ready to go live, I used some IT tools to check the content. This included using spellcheck to proofread blog posts:

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 14.16.56.png

Previewing the theme on several formats (tablet, phone and desktop, which also helped me assess the accessibility of the site too.

I also checked the Alt Text with an external tool to help me fix any missed issues:

3.1 Appropriate Testing Methods

Finally, I asked a User to test my website. Here are some issues we found:

Issues found: 

Copyright issue with header image and quote on home page

I resolved this issue by purchasing the image of ink for my header image and removed the quote in favour of a descriptive tagline for the site.

Purchased image:

Don’t need email on contact

I removed this in favour of a contact box.

Large images on Services Page cause slow loading

Changes images to crisper PNGs and now loads much faster.

Clicking on header images to direct link to content on page

Currently researching if this is possible in the theme, but further coding knowledge may be needed!

More CTA buttons for clients

I agree with this and will put more button images (with links to contact page) above the line on all pages to make it as easy as possible to contact me.





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