1.2 Challenging Workplace Behaviours & Conduct

Creative Industries are often fun, unconventional places to work within and companies try to encourage the creativity of their workforce by providing a pleasant work place environment which encourages collaboration and a positive workplace culture. Unfortunately, like many other industries, creative work places are not immune to the challenges of certain workplace behaviours and conduct. Here are four examples of challenging workplace behaviours and what you can do about them if you’re unfortunate enough to come across them.


Negative attitudes are a primary cause for the death of creativity in the workplace. Individuals who bring a negative attitude to the workplace can demoralise others which causes the negativity to spread. This is a problem for the company as this can cause loyalty and productivity issues, plus it’s just not nice to come to work to hear people complaining! This can cause others to leave and the company risks losing talented individuals as well as momentum on projects hindered by Debbie Downers.


What to do/who to report to?

If you’re struggling with negativity in the workplace you don’t have to suffer. You can discuss your concerns with your management or HR team but be constructive and don’t become too negative yourself. Alternatively you can do your best to stay out of their way or even have a word and ask what can be done to make them less negative.


Bullying/ Gossiping

Catching up with your friends over a cup of coffee can be a nice way to begin your working day however, talking about people, events and the company in a negative way is not something you want to encourage in any industry.

Bullying is a serious offence but can be insidious and complex to prove. Every employee in a company has the right to feel safe and protected in their working environment and bulling can seriously undermine this. A harmless gossip can quickly become something more serious so it is important to stay professional in the work place.


What to do/who to report to?

If you’re being bullied you can report it to your manager or HR team. It can be tricky to prove or call out bullying, especially if it is maliciously, manipulative or passive aggressive. As well as reporting it, make records in writing about incidents to begin a log of evidence to present. It is old advice but also remember that bullies are often hurting themselves or lashing out, so bear this in mind and remember it is not actually about you.

Harassment (sexual racism etc)

Continuing along the theme of appropriate behaviours in the workplace and the right of every employee to feel safe and comfortable, sexist or racist behaviour is never ok. Not only are both behaviours illegal and can land you in court, they create a small minded work culture which is likely to be underpinned by fear. This is not productive in any industry but can be especially detrimental to the creative industries.


What to do/who to report to?

You must report sexist or racist behaviour to your management or HR team, if they fail to act on your report or investigate the allegation seriously, you can seek external help.

Bad Management

A bad manager? Really? Do they exist. Hopefully, you’ll pick up the sarcasm there. Unfortunately many of us have first hand experience of bad management and can testify to the frustration this causes. Again, they’re probably not out to get you but may be lacking the skillset or training they need to be a good manager and get the best out of their team.


What to do/who to report to?

Obviously, this can be a tricky scenario as you may not want to report bad management to your, er, manager. However, make sure your feelings are expressed formally otherwise you may find yourself unnecessarily stressed and liable to make mistakes. You can report your concerns to the HR team or another authority figure, preferably senior to your manager. Don’t be afraid of discussing this with your manager either, they may benefit from you telling them how they can get the best out of you or perhaps seek further training based on your feedback.





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