1.1 Digital Technologies

We’re living in a digital age and the Creative Industries are no exception. As tchnology advances new tools and techniques develop with different industries to both make work easier and more interesting!

Graphic Design

Wacom Pen and Tablet

Graphic Design is an industry that has really benefitted and evolved with the advent of Digital Technologies. Artists and designers can now use Pen and Tablet tools to draw straight onto screen. These are now light weight, inexpensive and pressure sensitive making it easier to create art digitally.  Although Apple Macs are widely used across the industry, a PC can be used  too as it is the drawing software that allows designers to create with digital tools – even in MS paint (but we wouldn’t recommend it).


Speaking of Digital Tools, Photoshop is a programme that is synonymous with digital design. Originally used to tweak and alter images, Photoshop has now become the go to tool for creating art and designs online, they even say on their website:

Designed for anyone to design anything.


However, Photoshop is not always the best tool to use, even if it does have the capability to do what you need. InDesign, for example, is another Adobe product more geared towards designing in the Publishing industries. It can be used to create consistent and efficient layout for books and magazines or other text heavy materials such as leaflets or brochures. InDesign is particularly useful when designing digital designs that will ultimately become printed materials.


Illustrator is the third Adobe product likely to be found on a Graphic Designer Mac. Unlike Photoshop which is designed to alter existing images, Illustrator is designed to create new images from scratch. This is particularly useful when designing logos or illustrations Digitally. Unlike Photoshop, which is raster based and more likely to distort images as they scale, Illustrator is Vector based meaning you can work to as large, or small, a scale as need without blurring your image and losing quality.

A shoe sketched with a Wacom Tablet in Photoshop and then refined with Illustrator.  ©TerriWitherden2018


Is the Adobe Creative Cloud is not an option, Canva.com is an excellent resource for creting brand materials (both online and offline) easily for free. They have preset themes and templates to make designing and branding easy no matter what the users artistic skill level is!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is almost the only form of marketing that matters in a digital age it provides new ways to learn about customers as well as target them and can be used by innovative brands to maximise their conversions.


Social Media Marketing

Facebook and co. are now much, much more than just places to share things with friends. A staggering proportion of the global civilisation log onto Facebook daily, giving savvy brands the chance to target them with Paid Advertising or Tracked Adverts. This increases the likelihood that your product will be seen by a potential customer and can extend your reach and market influence.

Email Marketing

Like social media, most of us check our emails daily – making them a great space for brands to hone in on new customers. Email marketing campaigns may consist of a series of valuable content (or not so valuable spam) distributed to a new sign up over a set campaign time. The goal is usually always to convert interested customers into paying clients, but Email Marketing can also be used to educate current customers about their purchase, or encourage them to buy again.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the use of blogs, graphics, videos, courses, podcasts or any other form of content to reach, educate and convince potential customers to convert to paid customers. Content Marketing is usually situated on a companies website or blog but can also be used in Email Marketing and Social Media Campaigns as a way of exchanging content for data.

social mediaSEO

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) has become a big way to market in the digital spaces. It works by moulding your content to the algorithms of the search engines (yeah, mainly Google if we’re honest) so that a potential customer looking for your service see’s your site and result before they see a competitors. Google will use crawlers to asses the quality of your website as they want to make sure their users are only seeing premium quality results, so SEO specialist will identify the key words that an industry responds to and make sure they’re used on their clients site. The best bit, the algorithms are secret and liable to change at any time, adding for an element of spice when you’re devising your Digital Marketing campaigns around SEO. To hedge your bets, SEO is best used with other Digital Marketing strategies.

Paid Media Campaigns

This is one of the original forms of Digital Marketing online and consists of banner ads and images hosted on a website that link to your website. Chances are if someone clicks on your advert hosted on another website, they are interested in your product. It’s a bit like old school newspaper ads but in a digital medium. Although they convert well they are limited by the amount of space available on a page. For example, if you visit a website with too many paid media ads chances are, you’re ad will be lost and your client will not stay on that site long!




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