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So you’re looking for a job?

It’s tempting to panic. It is also hard to know where to begin.

Firstly, it’s important that you get specific and focussed on what you are looking for. If you’re not sure where to start you can look for guidance and advice from those around you. If you’re looking at moving into a new industry, say the Creative Industry, there are also loads of resources, opportunities and information available both online and offline. Here’s some top picks for resources in Training and Employment in the Creative Industry.




Creative Skillset

If you have a general idea about the field you want to move into or the job you want, but don’t know too much about it, Creative Skillset is a fantastic website to find out. A particularly useful feature is their Job Roles archive which gives an overview of the expectations and responsibilities of roles across the creative industries, as well as what you need to do to get a the job itself.

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 11.10.11
Creative Skillset is a Great Place to discover if your ‘dream job’ is what you think it is.

Job boards 

Once you have determined the role is right, you can also use Job Board websites to start looking for your next role. It is easy to upload your CV to these sites and allow recruiters to find you. Make sure you use lots of keywords in your applications that match the requirements of the role to give you a better chance of being spotted. Don’t think that this is all you have to do to get a job however as job searching is an active process that requires effort from you on a daily basis!

Escape the City logo
Escape the City are a great site to find alternative and innovative job positions


wiredsussex logo
WiredSussex are a great resource for jobseekers in the creative industry in the Brighton area



Social Media

Job hunting can be a lonely affair but many people get jobs through word of mouth or their networks. Luckily, social media isn’t just for selfies and cat videos and can be a vital tool in finding a new position in an industry you want to work in. LinkedIN and Twitter are excellent places to show your knowledge and passion for a subject, as well as connect to influencers and maybe even your next boss!

Coworking Spaces

A relatively recent development that has resulted from the rise of self employed and freelance professional is coworking. These are spaces where you can hot desk office spaces and resources but also meet likeminded individuals who may be you ticket into your next job. These events such as Platf9rm and One Girl Band in Brighton, also often host events and opportunity evenings where you can pick up a new skills as well as new connections!


Job fairs

Job fairs sound a bit scary, but they can be excellent places to connect to your industry, get your name out there and find employment opportunities that may not even have been advertised yet! Prepare yourself by printing out a flawless CV and having a short two sentence elevator pitch to say when you meet people you want to work with. Stay open to opportunities you haven’t considered too as you never know what is around the corner. This is a great job fair to get started with in the Brighton and Hove.

Training Opportunities

There are plenty of training opportunities and advice networks for job seekers to take advantage of, if you know where to look. Recruitment agencies, apprenticeships and entrepreneurial programmes can all offer advice and guidance to job seekers looking to enter the creative industry, get started by checking out Creative Process, Entrepreneurial Spark and the Prince’s Trust.


If you’re making a job move you may need to retrain or update your skills with training.

Online courses

Udemy and Lynda are excellent online resources for learning new skills. They are flexible and relatively cost effective. plus there is a huge range of choice for the courses available. You just need to make sure you are driven enough to complete the course so make sure you set out time to complete the courses to make the most of your investment.

National Resources

Both GOV.UK  and  National Career Service can offer advice and connections to training facilities which can help you prepare for a new job. You can also get intouch with your local job centre as they often run training courses with Education Development Trust for whatever level you are currently at.

Online Influencers

Social Media once again is more than just cat videos as you can connect with training professionals via LinkedIn and YouTube. A great example of this is Jeff Witchel who has become an knowledgable Adobe influencer who can be reached online and help you train in your specific software.

Universities and Colleges

Although centred around students and graduates, Universities and colleges can also be useful training resources for any jobseeker. They may run events or offer paid for courses which result in formal qualifications which can help make you more employable. Check out University of Brighton to get started.

Top Tip – although training is important and often necessary, don’t fall into the trap of feeling you need more and more before you can progress. Talk to perspective employers and advisors to see if you really need to up-skill, or if you’re just procrastinating making the move to a new job!

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